Post Message in MS Team when Code is Checked-in on Azure DevOps TFS

Amit Prajapati
3 min readFeb 22, 2021


If you want to keep track of the Commits of any Critical Project and want to discuss with your Project Team Member regarding commits made on TFS. We can create a flow that will post the Commit details of that Critical Project on your Project Channel.

Step 1: Create a Team and a channel to post the Checked-in Details.

Here I have created a Team with the name “Project Team” and a separate channel “Azure DevOps” to post all the messages related to Development and DevOps.

Step 2: Create a Cloud flow to post Message when someone commits any changes in Azure DevOps (TFS)

Search for Azure and select the triggering condition as “When code is checked in (TFVC)”

Configure the Triggering block with Project for which you want to post a message to MS Team.

If you want to track the commits of any specific user then you can set a user in Team Member otherwise it will post a message for all checked-in commits made by all Project Members present in Member.

Now, we will add Post a message (v3) block in Cloud flow.

Make sure that you should select the right channel while configuring the post message block, after configuring your block it should look like the below screenshot:

Save the Cloud flow and Test it by making commits from your Visual Studio or Azure DevOps from the browser.


Here, I will make commit using Visual Studio:




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