Post an MS Form response to MS Teams Channel using Cloud Flows

Amit Prajapati
5 min readApr 24, 2021

In this blog, we will learn how to quickly design a simple Cloud Flow to post a message in MS Teams Channel when a user submits a response using MS Form.

Step 1: Create an MS Form to get the responses from the targeted user.

Go to and click on New Form to create an MS Form.

Create a New Form from Office Portal

Now, We will create MS Form that will take the Name, Age, Gender, Service ratting and comment which is optional as feedback.

Feedback form — MS Forms

Step 2: Create a Team and Channel to post the responses

Here, I am creating an Admin Team (Type — Private Team) that will be used by Management Team for organization.

Create a Private Team

Now, we will add the “Feedback Responses” channel to post responses in Admin Team.

Create a Channel in Private Team

Step 3: Create an Org Level Team that will be used by all team member to submit the responses (Optional — You can share the form via email or posted it on the website)

Creating Public Team
Adding Channel in Public Team

Now, we will add the MS Form tab in the newly created “Feedback Form” channel so that team members can submit responses directly from MS Teams.

After the channel is created, click on the + button on the top ribbon button to add a new channel tab.

Click on + icon to add Tab

Look for MS Form and click to select the type of channel tab.

MS FORM Tab in Teams

Select Add existing form and choose your created Feedback form.

After clicking on the Save button, a new Form Tab will be added to the feedback from channel of your Org Level Teams

Adding existing feedback form as a Tab
Team View after MS form is added

Check if Team, Channel and Form tab is visible from other users

Log in with another and open the Team. Here, I have another user who has access to the Project Name team and Org Team but doesn't have access to Admin Team as it Private Team for Management. Below is a screenshot for the same:

Post Message is displayed on Channel after adding the MS Form Tab

Step 4: Create a Cloud Flow to post the response to the Private Teams channel

Login to the Power Automate portal and create an Automated Cloud Flow

Select Automated cloud flow

Look for MS Form Trigger “When a new response is submitted” and click on Create to create Cloud Flow

Select trigger — When a new response is submitted

Select the Form in Cloud Flow trigger

Configuring the Triggering in Cloud flow

Add new step Get Response Data from MS Form Connect and select Response Id from triggering body

Adding Response Id to fetch all the responses

Now, add a new step from Teams Connector Post a message (v3) to post the response in Teams Channel

Adding Post a message MS Team connector

Configure the Team, Channel and Message (According to your requirement)

Configuring the Post a message MS Team Connector


I have submitted the response from the MS Teams using another user:

Submitted the MS Form from MS Team using test user

After submitting the response we get the message in the Admin Teams:

The message is posted in MS Private Team channel after test user submitted the responses.



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